Sample Menu


Silver - 1 Entree, 1 Side, 1 Salad, Dessert & Drinks starting @ $14.95 per guest


Gold - 2 Entrees, 2 Sides, 1 Salad, Bread & Butter, Dessert & Drinks starting @ $18.95 per guest  *Most requested”


Platinum - 3 Entrees, 3 Sides, 1 Salad, + Choice of Potato Salad or Coleslaw, Bread & Butter, Dessert & Drinks starting @ $24.95  


The Ultimate Breakfast-  Frittata (Sautéed Veg.  Herbs and Cheese,  or Sausage Herbs Veg. and Cheese) Hot Oatmeal with Nuts and Dried Fruit, Assorted Bagels (Served w/ Lox, Cream Cheese, Sliced Toms, Red Onion, and Capers) Bacon and Sausage,  Fresh Sliced Fruit Tray,  Hard Boiled Eggs, Protein Shake (Fresh Fruit, Yogurt, Milk, Juice, Protein Powder)  Pastries, with OJ, Milk, and Coffee, Home-fried Potatoes and French Toast optional starting @ $16.95


Meat Entrees:  Top Sirloin, New York, Ribeye, Prime Rib, Tenderloin, Rack of Lamb, Pork Chops, BBQ Ribs (Beef or Baby Back), Roast, Stew, Meatloaf, and much more.


Chicken Entrees:  Boneless Skinless Breasts (Grilled, Baked, and Fried w/ many choices of sauce), Chicken Cutlets, Chicken Parmesan, Marsala, Cacciatore, Scaloppini, Jambalaya, Fajitas, Enchiladas, Chicken Wings w/ special spicy tangy BBQ sauce, BBQ Breast & Legs, and more. 

Sides:  Mashed Potato (butter& chive, garlic, cheddar & chive, wasabi, etc.)

Oven Rstd Potato, Scalloped, French Fried, Baked Wedges, Rstd Sweet Potato, Potato Salad, and more.

Rice:  Wild Rice, Pilaf, Herb and Veg., Coconut & Herb, Mexican Red, Fried, Mushroom Risotto, Cous Cous, and more.

Salads:  Mix Greens (many dressings), Baby Spinach w/ Raspberry Vinaigrette, Asian Medley w/ Sesame Dressing, and more.

Misc.:  Stuffing w/ Sautéed Veggies, Cole slaw, Beans (refried, black bean w/ salsa, red beans and rice, Navy Beans w/ Bacon, Chile (veg. or con carne),  Veggies (grilled, roasted, stir-fried, etc.) from the heart

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